Masai Dog Coats – Coming Soon!

Each coat is made from the wonderfully bright traditional Masai Shuka material.  Lined with warm fleece to keep you best four legged friend warm, there also is a pocket on every coat to keep those all important ‘poop bags’  close to hand when you need them.  In addition there is a specific hole at the base of the coat’s collar for the lead to go through.

Malulu’s dog coats have been inspired by Masai ‘Shukas’ – the traditional garment worn by the Masai.  This is a long piece of material which they drape around themselves.  This material is woven from cotton in a variety of different patterns and colours, whose patterns date back to the introduction of tartan by the British army in the 19th century.

The influence of tartan can clearly be seen in these designs, which Masai made their own with the use of much brighter colours and a warm African twist.