Did you miss out on Crufts 2022? Don’t worry! We’ll show you the highlights!

Running since 1891, Crufts is the largest international dog show in the world, hosted by the United Kingdom, and organised by The Kennel Club. A show to witness some of the cutest and most talented dogs in the world – arguably one of the best events of the year!

With last years show being cancelled, many fans were eager for this years show. Here are some of the best bits!

The Best in Show dog

WINNER OF BEST IN SHOW: Flat Coated Retriever, Almanza Backseat Driver, known as Baxer (Ms R & Mr P Ulin & Oware)

RESERVE: Toy Poodle, Afterglow Agent Orange, known as Waffle (Mr T, Mr J, Mrs S & Mr J Isherwood, Lynn, Stone & Shaw)

What does a dogs butt see at Crufts?

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A Doggy-guard

A £500,000 diamond encrusted collar has been created for a four-year-old English Pomeranian, called Polly. Her dog-mum, Jeweller Nathalie Knauf, created the necklace herself with 91 flawless 15-carat diamonds.

Nathalie told the Sun: “I wanted to create something that people had never seen before, something that models would want to wear, and would look at their dog and think ‘isn’t that beautiful’.

“I’m not worried about anyone trying to steal it because we’ve got around the clock security.

“We’ve got a big bodyguard and a team who come with us wherever we go.”

Some great attempts

Best in show parade goes wrong

Waffle, the toy poodle had the funniest parade run, hands down. Viewers were in hysterics as the dog lifted a leg and peed mid-walk!

Although they didn’t win Best in Show, Waffle and his owner Tom Isherwood didn’t go home alone – the poodle was named the champion of the Utility category.

A Channel 4 commentator said: “Here’s glamour and style in our little toy poodle.”

But after Waffle stopped to do his business, he paused, then added: “Ah. Oh dear. No standing on ceremony here so here we are, striding out.”

His co-commentator added: “It’s a number one. Making his mark on the way in.”

…. and some incredible nose booping!

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