About Malulu

Our Mission Statement


In 2013, Louise Edwards set up Malulu to make a positive difference to the lives of those living in poverty in Kenya.  She was able to combine this aim with her love for dogs, which lead her to discover the wonderful range of hand beaded dog collars and accessories that Malulu sells today.

 Louise’s parents lived and worked in Kenya during the 1960s and early 70s.  Although Louise grew up on a farm in England (with dogs, of course!), the seeds of love for Africa were sown at an early age by her parents’ stories of their life and adventures out in Kenya.

 These enchanting stories fuelled Louise’s imagination and lured her to Africa so she could experience its magic for herself. She travelled extensively throughout the continent and ended up working in both Kenya and Tanzania for craft and charitable organisations.  She also designed a customer services training programme for safari guides working for luxury safari companies.

Through these experiences, she witnessed first-hand how local communities, and women in particular, were empowered by fair wages, good working conditions and sustainable employment.


Malulu’s vision is to make a positive contribution to impoverished communities through trade, not aid.www.malulu.co.uk


Whilst charity is an important support mechanism for impoverished communities; in the long-term it can lead to a system of dependency and dis-empowerment. Malulu aims to inspire and enable those in deprived communities in Kenya to lift themselves out of poverty.  Such empowerment can be achieved with positive results through the promotion of trade, rather than aid.

Think Trade, Not Aid - www.malulu.co.uk

Ethical trade practices in the production of high quality products, made with local materials and by local labour, is a key means to reducing poverty.  It creates a positive domino effect, which benefits the individual workers, their families, and their local community.

Sustainable employment helps to maintain a sense of pride, which enables people to help themselves.  This in turn filters through their local community where they live and work, spend their money, and educate their children.

Customers can know with confidence that with each purchase from Malulu, they have helped those in poverty to help themselves, their families, and their local community towards a brighter future.