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ywg, 977, o7p, m, m, dq, Bridget Davey Pet Photography - MALULU

Bridget Davey – Professional Pet Photographer

Meet Bridget

Anyone who wants beautiful, high quality pet portraits that will create lasting memories need look no further.

Bridget Davey is a highly experienced pet photographer, and proud ‘mum’ to her two Beagle fur babies, Lucy and Porthos.

Not only does Bridget have an amazing talent for capturing the individual personalities of  every pet she works with, but she also brings out the best in your best four legged friends.

Wholesalers can also purchase licences from Bridget to enable them to use her fabulous livestyle photos of Malulu’s collars.

For all enquires, please contact Bridget on 07540846581, visit her website www.bridgetdavey.com or check out her FaceBook page.