Dogs are weird. The most fabulous type of weird, where they become obsessed with the oddest thing, or hate something for no good reason. These eccentricities only make them more loveable and Malulu’s fluffy mascot, Minnie May, is no different.

We thought we would share these aww-inducing traits with our loyal audience – who have fantastic taste in collars!


1. The Superman

It’s 2 o’clock in the morning and you wake up to go the bathroom, and there she is. Bada-da-d-da-dah, SuperMinnie! With her arm raised above her head, she’ll be lying there sleeping, but in her dreams, she’s SuperMinnie – protector of her humans and of course, carrots.

2. Carrots

Every dog seems to have that food which they absolutely love, but make you go, “really?!?”. Well, Minnie May’s is Carrots. Give her a carrot, and she’ll bite it and run away to devour on the nice carpet – not the floor or the garden, but the carpet where stains are the hardest to get out. However, on a good day, she’ll toss the carrot in the air, and try and catch it with her mouth. It must be the weirdest shaped – and apparent most delicious – ball.

3. Nose Ball

A classic dog game – but Minnie May does it as if she’s the Tasmanian devil. Up, down, up, down the garden she goes, running what seems to be 100 mph. Pushing a ball around with your nose has never looked so intriguing.

4. The Handstand

To put it bluntly, Minnie May pees while doing a handstand – she will lift her hind legs to pee. According to one study, apparently dogs have various pee-poses according to social functions. These more commonly include:

  • Stand: The dog pees while standing normally.
  • Lean: The dog stands on all fours and leans forward slightly.
  • Raise: The dog stands on all fours and lifts one leg.
  • Lean-Raise: The dog stands on all fours, leans forward and lifts one leg.
  • Squat-Raise: The dog squats down while slightly lifting one leg.
  • Squat: The dog squats down without lifting a leg.
  • Arch-Raise: The dog arches the back and lifts a leg.

The handstand is rather rare, and is thought to be to get at a higher angle to mark over larger dogs urine, or spray their urine further and mark more territory. However, Minnie is the only dog on a large farm, so this just brings up more questions than answers!

5. Water

We all know the common trope of dogs hating water, but what about a dog that actively avoids it? If Minnie May sees a puddle on walk, you can be certain she will walk around it. Although it is a better alternative than drinking from it.

Dog in puddle and dog avoiding puddle

6. Her spot

Minnie May has dozens of spots that are hers around the house, however, the weirdest must be during dinner. She will insist on sitting behind her human, Louise, whenever she sits down for dinner. I don’t just mean behind her chair, but actually on the same single-seated chair – at least she’s willing to share!

What odd things does your dog do? Email us your dog’s story – we’d love to write about your dog’s weird obsession!