Hand Knitted Dog Beds – Limited Stock Available Now!

Hand Knitted Dog Beds

These beautiful hand knitted dog beds will provide a cosy haven for any dog or cat.   The multi-colours will hide a multitude of ‘sins’ (as any owner will know their pet will create!), and being handmade means no two will ever be the same, so customers will be guaranteed of making a unique purchase.

Each pet bed is hand knitted by rural women in upcountry Kenya from organic Kenyan wool.  The colours either come from the natural shades of the wool or it is dyed using traditional methods, often using natural dye such as dahlia flowers and beetroot to name a few.

Having started off with just a couple of women, the project now has over 400 on their books.  The project provides an invaluable source of sustainable employment to the local women, where work is hard to come by for women in particular due to poorer levels of education.  Knitting is a skill that many women already have, or it is easy to pick up to a high standard, even with a limited education.

Flexible working practices are used by this project.  The knitters can either come to the workshop  and knit there, or they can take their work home and knit around their home life.   The workshop  not only brings women together from many different villages where they benefit from the camaraderie of other women, it also helps to breakdown tribal barriers which have scarred much of Kenya’s politics and history.

The project also provides healthcare treatment and advice to the women; an essential support system where HIV and AIDS are endemic and many cannot afford a doctor or medication.  Through the purchase of these pet beds, customers are helping impoverished women in rural Kenya to help themselves through trade, and not aid.

These hand knitted Dog Beds are available now for a limited period, and will keep your four legged friends in the comfort and style they deserve.

For more information on sizes and prices, please email info@malulu.co.uk

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