About Malulu

Mission Statement


Malulu’s vision is to make a positive contribution to impoverished communities through trade, not aid.






The exclusive range of stylish products have been carefully selected by Malulu for their high quality and the socio-economic stories behind their creation.  These products are not only beautiful, interesting and unusual, but also highly functional.  

Customers can know with confidence that with each purchase from Malulu, they have made their own positive contribution to the welfare of those living in poverty.

Malulu aims to make a difference by promoting trade, not aid.

Malulu also follows fair trade practices by ensuring that suppliers are paid a fair price for their products. Suppliers vary from individual artisans and cottage industries, to charitable projects and organisations from across Eastern and Southern Africa. They are handpicked for their sustainability through their use of local resources, local employment and recycling elements.

By working together with its suppliers, Malulu aims to assist impoverished communities to create sustainable livelihoods and a brighter future.


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