About Malulu’s Suppliers

Handmade and Hand Picked

Products and Stories

Malulu has personally chosen each supplier of the Resin, Throws & Scarves, Leather work and Greetings Cards  for the quality of their products as well as the story behind their products.

Customers can buy with confidence that with each purchase they are helping those in impoverished communities to support and better themselves, as well as buying a beautifully crafted product.



Fair Trade

quality ethical gifts

It is important for Malulu that all suppliers follow fair trade practices.  This means paying their workers a fair price for their work and providing fair working conditions.  Each supplier has been specially chosen for the fact they support and follow these ideals.


The People Focus

Each supplier is very people orientated.  They support local economies through local employment and use of local materials.  Some suppliers have focused on employing street youths who otherwise have an uncertain future, whilst other suppliers have predominantly female employers.

Women often have a particularly difficult struggle in these regions.  Poverty can mean girls are not given the same level of education as boys.  They often marry young, have large families and live in very basic accommodation where they need to walk great distances to collect water and fire wood, as well as domestic chores such as attending livestock and caring for their families.

Poor education and family responsibilities make it hard for women to find sustainable employment, so many of these projects allow women to take work home with them so they can earn money around their home life.DSCN8742

Many of Malulu’s suppliers go beyond just employing staff, they provide them with support in other ways; from a guaranteed of a hot meal (for some their only meal of the day!) to medical advice.

Some suppliers go further out into the actual community by installing water supply facilities, building accommodation and schools or working with a variety of communities to promote peace and security amongst the different tribes.

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